Zetty Morgan

John F Barnes Myofascial Release Practitioner,
Licensed Physical Therapist # 9870

I am so excited to be a member of the great team at Facilitated Healing! I strongly believe that the best holistic care incorporates practitioners from many backgrounds working together towards a common goal of wellness.  

I have been working as a Physical Therapist for 20+ years having graduated from King's College, University of London, UK with honors.  I have worked in nearly every specialty PT area there is over those years, pediatrics, orthopedics, ICU, Inpatient rehab, aquatic therapy to name a few, but the therapeutic modality that I have found to have the most far reaching and best long term results is John F Barnes Myofascial Release.  I first discovered and learned MFR about 10 years ago, and have since been treated with MFR to resolve my own injuries, aches and pains, postural problems and headaches.  It is the most holistic form of therapy I have ever used, taking into account the whole body's needs, not just physical but also mental and emotional.   That is why I have now chosen to specialize in MFR whilst still drawing on my knowledge and experience of PT. 

I moved to the United States in 2000 when I married my husband from Oconomowoc, WI after we had sailed around the world in 1998-2000.  My family and I continue to enjoy sailing the worlds’ oceans, having completed a 6 month voyage to the Arctic in summer 2015.  I also enjoy skiing with my family, and have practiced yoga for 15+ years for my own relaxation and wellness.

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