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Wendy Wilkey

Holistic Reiki Master

Wendy is a Watertown Native, who has been practicing Reiki for 3 years. It has been through her personal healing, that she has found Reiki to be effective. Wendy is passionate about helping others let go of pain & wounding, so they too can live a happy & healthy life.

Reiki comforts the mind, body and soul bringing the energy of love to meet any wounds, limiting patterns or beliefs that are ready to heal. Each session is unique because it only works on what the client is ready to release or heal at the time of the session. All sessions work to relax and calm the nervous system as it is in this calm space that we can hear our intuition. Reiki helps you connect back into yourself and bring you back to the strong connection to your heart. Old trauma or wounds can begin to run limiting patterns and this keeps us disconnected from our own innate wisdom. Reiki can bring you back to your joy and help you live your most loving and fulfilling life.  

Classes taken include Holistic Reiki Master and JFB Myofascial Release I. 

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