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Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, and the system of Reiki is the spiritual modality that channels Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki Practitioners use specific Japanese meditative practices and breathing techniques whereby the energy is facilitated through the hands to the recipient and directed to the areas of the body through intuition and intention. This can be done either in person or from a distance, as energy transcends space and time. 


Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922, on Mount Karuma in Japan.  It was there during a spiritual pilgrimage, that Usui had a profound experience, during which he received enlightenment and the knowledge of the system of Reiki while standing under a waterfall. Mikao Usui began to impart his spiritual understanding with others and began offering hands-on healing.  He found a way to a universal truth: that healing and enlightenment are possible and that everyone is capable of this healing and enlightenment.  Usui refined the system of Reiki precisely to share with others what he had found, and as a result, people from all over the world receive the benefits of Reiki today.


Reiki transforms the energy field surrounding a body.  A sensation of inner bliss and harmony, which begins to flow during treatment, accompanies working with this power.  Afterward, there is a feeling of having experienced something especially beautiful.  Reiki vitalizes the body and soul and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.  Relief can be attained for all kinds of complaints.  Reiki promotes wholeness and helps prevent disease.

Most Reiki recipients relax very deeply during treatment.  On occasion, old and unresolved experiences may become conscious, again.  A needed release of emotion can occur.  It has also been known for strong visual experiences to occur.  A series of treatments can bring about dissolving inner barriers, which block body, mind and spiritual growth.

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