Penelope (Penny) Hanson

Penny has over 40 years experience in the Health Care field, working at the bedside as an RN, in nursing management, and as a Vice President in a multi-facility Health Care System. She has also taught in diploma and baccalaureate nursing programs, been Director of two hospital-based diploma nursing programs, and part of state-wide task forces facilitating the diploma programs’ transition to a state-funded baccalaureate program in each state. She has served in nursing organization leadership positions on local, state, and national levels.


In the early 1990s, Penny took one of the first Healing Touch Level 1 class offered. The experience precipitated a major life transformation as Penny came to realize the new - yet ancient - perception of how the world and universe work made ultimate sense to her. She moved into her true calling as a practitioner of energy medicine in many forms. Penny is currently certified as a:
Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor,
an Akashic Record Reader,
an instructor in Love Meditation.


Penny is also a Reiki Master, does Shamanic work, spiritual counseling, level 1 craniosacral therapy, and offers classes, seminars, and retreats on a variety of metaphysical topics.  Penny is currently working on a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science.


Her pledge to you: My purpose is to assist your healing process. Healing is movement toward wholeness, harmony, balance, and right relationship with yourself, others, the environment, and the divine, whatever that is to you. I see our relationship as a partnership.


In which we work together to accomplish your goals. You can create the life you desire. I am here to support your journey toward wholeness.

Penny's Goal: World Peace, One Heart at a Time