Nancy Bauer

Registered Yoga Instructor

As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who has been working with special needs children for almost 30 years, I use my yoga practice as a great way to deal with stress and remain mindful to my students, along with integrating yoga within the classrooms and within small groups.


I began incorporating yoga into my life during college. I began working as a Massage Therapist at the Health Connection, a wellness center associated with the Watertown Area Hospital at the time. They were seeking a yoga instructor, so I took the opportunity to begin teaching in 2000. I then completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training through Yoga Alliance, at Feel Your Best Yoga Studio in Mequon to deepen my understanding of the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the practice. In addition, I have completed all of the coursework to teach yoga to children through Yoga Calm. Along with continuing education, I immerse myself in a daily yoga practice and self-study of ancient yogic techniques (mindfulness, pranayama, meditation, asana) and philosophies to expand my awareness and continue to improve my yoga instruction.


My mission is to make yoga available to EVERYBODY! If you feel you are not flexible, strong enough, or have too poor of balance to do yoga, all of these are great reasons to come and join my class! I promise you will improve with time and practice! I teach in a slow, mindful manner, incorporating postures, breathwork, meditation and relaxation techniques. After 18 years of teaching yoga, I remain passionate about it and love to help others experience the healing power of yoga!

 Schedule today:  920.262.2954             1517 Doctors Court, Watertown, WI    
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