Lynn Neu

Yoga Instructor

As a woman and as a mom I find it is so important to take time out for ourselves! We need time to rejuvenate, recharge, and gain “self” so that we can go back into our worlds and give with a better attitude, joy, calmness, and peacefulness.

Practicing yoga has helped me so much physically, mentally, and emotionally. I enjoy teaching new students the practice of yoga and letting them know it’s all about them and what they can do with their bodies, and how to connect with their mind and souls as well. One hour of practice and meditation is always what can help heal us, relax us, and to just let go and be “ME” during that time! I love to see the results new students have after that first hour of class. For the experienced students, I enjoy hearing how they want to continue with yoga and what a difference it makes for them in their lives as well.


I was introduced to yoga right here in Watertown in 2000, and now I will never go back to not having yoga as part of my life! I have been a continuing student for eighteen years and have been teaching Gentle yoga, Beginner’s yoga for nine years, and Kid’s yoga for one year. I did yoga during both of my pregnancies and delivered each of my girls at 38 weeks, on the day I did yoga! Both delivery experiences were natural labor with no medical IV’s or injections, and I practiced Hypnobirthing. I believe in natural health and have grown up with an interest in health and fitness. In my free time I enjoy listening to relaxation music, reading, walking, hiking, and being in nature. I enjoy sandy beaches, being by the water, sitting by a fire, and bonding with family and friends.


I invite you to come and experience the joy of relaxation in yoga to help with your stress, anxieties, frustrations, and also to feel the benefits of stretching your body and holding poses for your benefit. Yoga is ALL about YOU.  ~ Namaste ~


Balance ~ Mind. Body. Soul.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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