Goat Yoga


Ever wanted to try Yoga with Goats? This type of Yoga is taking the Nation by storm and it is now offered at the Center!! The Goats are very social and loving.  They may come up and say hello while we are in poses.  When they come to say hello it can consist of them running and playing around us or even coming up and giving nibbles, kisses, or jumping in your lap. They may also choose to just lay down and take a nap among us. Goats do go potty but their manure is pellets and brushes off easily.  Any of this is normal and to be expected.  All classes start with centering and a breathing technique while setting goals for each class. Expect to do different Sun Salutations, Balancing Poses, Floor Poses, and many other stretches along the way with goats among us. It is truly a unique experience.

Registration and pre-payment is required. 

Instructor: Rachel Scott 

Date/Time: Watch for future classes!


Ages/Levels Welcome:  Ages 15 and up, all levels