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Finding Your "Felt Sense"

"The felt sense is the embodiment (bringing awareness inside the body) of one's ever-changing sensory/energetic/emotional landscape. The felt sense moves our focus from actions and things happening outside us in the world to qualities of our present, internal experience (e.g. textures, colors, sensations.)"


We have been given the most amazing gift in the form of our human bodies. There are many ways in which we do a good job taking care of our bodies, however, there is a component many are not aware of and is being overlooked completely or considered on a very superficial level, our “felt sense”.  Sadly, we rush through everyday life and don't take the time to really “feel” what our bodies are telling us. 


This four week, one-hour per week class will:

-bring awareness to the “felt sense”

-teach you how to “listen” to your “felt sense”

-teach you how to respond/treat what your “felt sense” is telling you

-guide you on a journey going more deeply into your “felt sense”.

A brief introduction to myofascial release.


information and activities are cumulative over the four weeks, therefore, attendance at all four classes is necessary for the best possible experience.


Dates: (Registration is closed; watch for another class coming soon!)



Cost: $100 for all four weeks, plus $6 for the 4" therapy ball.

Registration and pre-payment of class fee is required.


Who: Adults age 18 and older (a class for children may be offered in the future)

What you will need: loose, comfortable clothing; a mat; towel or blanket; 2 pillows or extra blanket/towel that can be rolled; and a 4" therapy ball. (may be purchased for $6 at the class).


Offered by Loree Walker, Expert Level JFB Myofascial Release Practitioner, LMT #3618-046


A pocket folder with handouts and paper for note taking will be provided.


**If being on the floor is difficult for you, please let us know when you register and we will make accommodations.


Please call 920-262-2954 to register prior to class. Class fee must be pre-paid.  No refunds will be given.


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