Cheryl Timm

Licensed Massage Therapist

As long as I can remember, I wanted to help people feel their best. I became a Massage Therapist over a decade ago and it was the best decision of my life! This career has helped me become what I was destined to be and I am truly grateful.

Living a life of vitality and fulfillment are very important to me and I want every one of my clients to live their best life possible. Massage brings so much happiness to me when I see my clients conditions improve and their pain or imbalance diminish. Through the years that I have performed massage I have met such a vast array of incredible people and each one has taught me something about life and myself. Each client has brought me insights that have helped me develop my talent and grow professionally. I have been the facilitator of thousands of clients wellness and couldn’t be more appreciative of their trust in my knowledge, education and training.

While my passion for Massage Therapy was developing, I became increasingly curious about Ayurveda. I became absorbed by the concepts, practices and lifestyle that I soon was living this life of richness, peacefulness and equanimity that I hadn’t ever experienced before! I have learned so much from this truly amazing medical system. Yet, there is still more to learn! I have been blessed to have gained health and a wealth of knowledge and eagerly devour every concept as I acquire them. Ayurveda has made a tremendous impact on me, which carries over into every life I touch. In my free time I love hiking, kayaking, camping, gardening, yoga and reading. I have a wonderful family and two lovable cats.

I look forward to facilitating your wellness.