Brenda Gatzke

Reiki Practitioner

Brenda comes to Facilitated Healing from right here in beautiful Watertown.  Before moving back here to her hometown, she worked in wonderful places like Walt Disney World in Olrando, FL and Las Vegas NV.  

I practice Usui Reiki, named after Mikao Usui, who founded the energy healing system he called Rei Ki (translation: Universal Life Force Energy). There are many forms of energy work in the world; Reiki is simply one of them. I was naturally drawn to Reiki because of my own innate resonance with hands-off healing, and because it is a simple system that is thorough, extremely effective, and guided by basic values of respect and integrity.  I take pleasure in witnessing the transformation as my clients learn how to work harmoniously with the flow of energy within and around them. Above all, I'm passionate about the influence this energy has on people’s quality of life.  

I am a 16-year Ovarian cancer survivor

After you have experienced a Reiki session with Brenda, you will feel relaxed, balanced and centered.

 Schedule today:  920.262.2954             1517 Doctors Court, Watertown, WI    
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