Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Record is your book of life, a vibrational record of everything about you from the beginning of time to the present- and potential future. Each of us has one. We are directly connected to it, and influenced by it all the time, even though we are not usually aware of that.


The word Akashic comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, and means ‘hidden storage place…in the sky…’ Your Akashic Record is part of the collective consciousness of humanity and the earth. It is also where you access your Higher Self. Thus it is the Source of all wisdom, love, and compassion.


Most of us are not able to easily access this great storehouse of information, insight, and guidance. Yet, doing so can help us make the best decisions for our greatest growth and good. Examples of how such access might help would include:


  • insight into relationships,

  • release of illusions,

  • understanding unhealthy life patterns,

  • influence of past lives on this one,

  • healing and karmic release,

  • personal empowerment suggestions,

  • direct guidance regarding life choices and endeavors,

  • life purpose,

  • spiritual aspects of health issues, and so forth.


If you are seeking deeper understanding and clarity in your life, an Akashic Record Reading is an excellent choice for you. 

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