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Suites at   Facilitated Healing

We are excited to present Suites at Facilitated Healing!  There will no longer be a central desk person arranging and scheduling everything.  Instead each practitioner will be renting a room and running their own independent business.  This means as of August 1st you will be contacting your therapist directly to schedule or make any changes.  You can view the therapist's Bio page and their contact information is listed.  The forms of payment each one is accepting is also listed.


The Facilitated Healing phone number will remain active and you could leave a message there for now.  If you are new to Facilitated Healing, feel free to browse the practitioner bios to learn more about them.  You can then use their information to contact them.  Scroll down to see the contact information.

Contact Information

Jade TerMaat as Jade's Holistic Hands - 262-271-5834
Book online at

Jeanne Mullen as The Healing Art by Jeanne - 920-253-6066

Jeff Tolsma as Quantum Healing - 920-650-8306

Loree Walker as Facilitated Healing - 920-988-3785

Nic Cera as Delafield Acupuncture - 262-443-6690

Sarah Stocks as Restorative Healing - 920-206-6604 

Book online at

Tara Rex as Comforting Bliss - 920-378-6895
Book online at


"I’ve been a client of Facilitated Healing for many years. I usually see Jen and Loree. Having a desk job and getting frequent massage and MFR from Jen has helped my neck, shoulders and back.

This past summer I received a breast cancer diagnosis. I reached out to Loree and Jen right away. Before my surgery, Loree did MFR to release the restricted fascia. Since my surgery, she has been working on the scar tissue. My range of motion has increased significantly, and the tightness has been reduced. My doctors are surprised at how quickly I am healing. Besides the manual therapy, the emotional support I have received from Facilitated Healing has been priceless.

Loree and Jen have been there every step of the way, from getting a scary cancer diagnosis to becoming a breast cancer survivor."

Sheri L.

"I was in a car accident on Oct 18 2017-  I followed all the treatment plans set by my medical doctor. I was still in so much pain and was talking to a co-worker and she told me how Facilitated Healing had helped her son from a  sports injury he had received in school. 

I was in so much pain still and I was willing to try any treatment that would give me some relief.  I met with Loree and went over a treatment plan. The 1st visit I had, Loree could hardly touch me as I was still in so much pain.

Now 17 months with Loree, Jeff and Nic (acupuncture) working with me, I can now say I have many days of not being in so much pain. This has helped my life so much. Loree has been able to apply more pressure when working on me so I am very happy!"

Yvonne S

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